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#565 Report Revenue per Week and BPartner also show qty

Testcase to check the new revenue reports with qty.

  1. Run the new revenue reports for G000X, e.g. for the last 2 weeks:
  2. You can also run the orignal reports (leave all open for comparison):
  3. create a purchase order for G000X:
  4. Create the receipt, and run the reports again:
  5. Open invoice candidates for your purchase order, change the one for P0001 price_override to 1.50 CHF, and create the invoice

  6. Run the reports again:
  7. Run the reports again, but set a time period for comparison (e.g. 2 weeks earlier, if you had qties from receipts / invoices then):
  8. Run the new reports, try different filters in parameters:
  9. Create a sales order for G000X:
  10. Repeat the tests like before, but check the Sales Transaction checkbox in the report parameters:

    Note: All documents must be posted so they are considered for the reports! If you reverse your receipts / invoices, the reports will be changed accordingly (qties are reduced / set to 0)!

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