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#563 Report Statistics qty per Week

Testcase to check the reports for Statistics qty per week.

  1. Make sure G000X has a flatrate term for carrot washing cycles and already had washing testcycles and the coorresponding invoices in the past!

  2. Search for an Akontorechnung and Endabrechnung for G000X, if possible they should be the only ones of one month

  3. Run the statistics reports:
  4. Check the reports:
  5. In all reports, check for the month / week of your Akonto- and Endabrechnung for the resp. products:
  6. Create a purchase invoice for G000X, P0001: qty: 10, price: 100 (overall), post it

  7. Run the reports again:
  8. Play with the parameters and run the reports again:
  9. Run all reports, for P0002, with sales transaction checked

  10. Create a sales invoice for G000X, P0002: qty: 10, price: 100 (overall), post it

  11. Run the reports again, for P0002, with sales transaction checked:

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