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#567 WebUI - Material Receipt Schedule

Testcase to check Material Receipt Schedule in WebUI.

Material Receipt Schedule Look

  1. Open webui, click the home button

  2. Click browse whole tree
  3. Open Wareneingangsdisposition
  4. Select a random entry and double click on it
  5. Click the list button at the top right:
  6. Double click on of the schedules in the list:

Using Material Receipt Schedule

  1. Click home, select browse whole tree, and open Neue Bestellung

  2. Create a new purchase order, for G000X:
  3. Set different dates for ordered and promised, then click the actions button:
  4. Complete the order, click the actions button again:
  5. Select the Wareneingangsdisposition in referenced documents:
  6. Try editing things, e.g. product, or qty ordered:
  7. Open 1 Wareneingangsdispo in single view, try editing things again:
  8. Click actions button, select Advanced Edit:
  9. Click actions button, select Wareneingangsdispo zu Wareneingang:
  10. Select the warehouse from your purchase order, and set dates so that your Wareneingangsdispos are covered, then click Start:
  11. Select the notification message:
  12. Go back to Wareneingangsdispo:
  13. Go back to your purchase order, check the referenced documents:
  14. Select your Wareneingang, check the referenced documents there as well:
  15. Open Wareneingangsdispo window again, in grid view, and right click on any entry (also use right click on the right side, when the page ends):
  16. Select open in new tab:
  17. Select another entry in grid view, right click and select delete:
  18. While the pop-up is opened try to click outside it:
  19. Click delete:
  20. Filter for e.g. a date, or qty ordered (ascending / descending), and skip / jump through the pages / from page to page:

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