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#578 Request Window Attachment Image too large in viewer

Testcase to check the attachment image in request window.

  1. Create requests by creating material receipts with quality issue and quality note, for G000X and P0001 & P0002

  2. Open window request (Vorgang alle), click attachment, select a picture from your db, OK
  3. Click the attachment button again:
  4. Open the other request window (Vorgang), select another entry and repeat (attach another picture):
  5. Click attachment again in one of the windows, and add a PDF to the request as well

  6. Open the attachment for this request once more:

Note: You can change the attached image, in both Vorgang and Vorgang (alle), for the same request; but: if you attach a picture for the first time in one window, and try to attach another picture in the other window without refreshing first, you will get an exception!

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