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#620 Marginal Return Report doubled sums for accounting group

Testcase to check the changes for sums for accounting group 340 in Deckungsbeitragsrechnung.

  1. It’s helpful to have an older version of Deckungsbeitragsrechnung stored somewhere, so you can compare!

  2. Run the report Deckungsbeitragsrechnung, check the accounts 340, 3402 - 3404, 3406 - 3408:
  3. Create new entries in gl_journal (Hauptbuch-Journal):
  4. Make sure your entries are posted

  5. Run report Deckungsbeitragsrechnung again, check the accounts:
  6. Run report Deckungsbeitragsrechnung again, set Parameter: Zeige Budget, check the accounts:

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