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#653 Calculated DailyLotNo in Material Receipt Candidates

Testcase to check the calculated DailyLotNo in Material Receipt Candidates.

  1. Create a purchase order for G000X:
  2. Complete the order, and check the receipt schedules:
  3. Open Wareneingang POS, select your orderline, and check the HUs:
  4. For P0001, create an inout, leaving the dates as set before

  5. For P0002, change the Tageslot in HU Editor, and create a partial inout:
  6. For the remaining qty of P0002, create an inout with the dates as set in purchase order

  7. Check the material receipts:

Note: You can set different dates for Tageslot (and Lot Number) for LU and TU, and you will receive 2 receipt lines in your material receipt; but in material receipt, only the Tageslot (and Lot Number) for LU will be displayed! This is an old problem and will be solved in the future with the new HU compression!

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