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How do I use the area search feature in metasfresh?


In many windows that include entries associated with business partners (e.g., in the menu under sales order, purchase order, business partner, phone call schedule, etc.), you can use the area search to limit the search results to a specific geographical area.


Important note!
For the area search to work smoothly, the address must include at a minimum a postal code (ZIP), the City and the Country.


  1. Open a window of your choice where the area search is available in list view, e.g., “Business Partner”.
  2. Click at the top left of the window and then click .
  3. As required, enter Street & House No., ZIP, City and/or Country.
  4. Enter a Distance and click .

    Note: Press Alt + ↵ Enter / ⌥ alt + ↵ Enter to apply the filter criteria.


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