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How do I create a contract?


A contract in metasfresh is a sales order in the form of a subscription to a regular shipment of products during a certain period of time.


To create a contract, simply follow the same steps as for a sales order. However, before completing the document, make sure to complete these steps first:

  1. Move the horizontal scrollbar of the order line table to the right until you reach the column Terms & Conditions.
  2. Double-click the field Terms & Conditions of the order lines and select the desired contractual terms from the drop-down list.

    Note on changing the contractual terms: After selecting the contractual terms for the first time you cannot change them anymore. To apply other contractual terms, simply delete the order line and add it again.

Note 1:
The field Date Promised now determines the Contract Start date.
Note 2:
After completing the sales order you will find the contract under “Contract” in the menu. You can also jump directly to the contract from the sales order via the related documents.


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