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Data Import in metasfresh


You can very quickly import externally stored data (such as Excel tables with data on business partners or products) into metasfresh by means of the import feature. To do so, you first have to format the data appropriately, upload them as a CSV or a TXT file and then simply import them via the actions menu.


  1. Add an import format with the appropriate database table where you determine the data, or rather the columns, as well as their data types that are to be transferred from the import file into metasfresh.
Import Data Corresponding DB Table
Business Partner Data Import Business Partner
Product Data Import Product
  1. Have an import file ready containing data formatted according to the import format.
    Format examples:
  2. Import your data using the appropriate import format.

    Note: Make sure that the separator in the import file coincides with the one set in the import format (comma, semicolon, tab, etc.).

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