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Format example for importing business partner data


For importing business partner data, you require an import format that is configured with the database table Import Business Partner.

The example below compares the data content of a file from a spreadsheet software (here, e.g., an Excel file prior to its conversion to a CSV or TXT file) with the import format for business partner data:

Explanatory Notes to the Example

Some useful notes

The mandatory fields are essential for a successful data import!

Mandatory Field Field Name Column Name Example Note
X Search Key Value_Suchschlüssel I_BP_001 Business partner search key (unique alphanumeric string)
X Company Name Companyname_Firmenname Import Inc. Company name
X Name Name_Name Bob Ross Partner name (for individuals)
(X) • First Name
• Last Name
• Firstname_Vorname
• Lastname_Nachname
• John
• Smith
This information is only required in connection with contacts to be imported.
(X) ISO Country Code CountryCode_ISO-Ländercode DE DE = Germany (Ger.: Deutschland)
Two-letter country code (in acc. with ISO 3166-1 alpha-2).
This information is only required in connection with addresses to be imported.
(You can look up the ISO country code under “Country, Region” in the menu.)
X Group Value GroupValue_Gruppen-Schlüssel • Standard
• 1000001
Search Key of the business partner group.
Attention: Not the name!
First add the business partner group and then use the search key here.
(You can look up the search key in the respective entry under “Business Partner Group” in the menu.)
  Region RegionName_Region • NRW
• AZ
NRW = North Rhine-Westphalia
AZ = Arizona
(You can look up the acronym (Name) of a region under the record tab “Region” of the respective country entry under “Country, Region” in the menu.)
  OrgValue OrgValue_Organisations-Schlüssel metasfresh AG Search Key of the organization.
Attention: Not the name!
(You can look up the search key under “Organization” in the menu.)
  Location Data • Address1_Straße und Nr.
• Postal_PLZ
• City_Ort
• RegionName_Region
• CountryCode_ISO Ländercode
• Street & No.
• City
• Region
• ISO Country Code
For location data to be imported, at least City and ISO Country Code must be provided.

Location data, such as Street & House No., ZIP or Region, will not be imported unless both City and ISO Country Code are provided.
  Global Location Number (GLN) GLN_GLN 1234567890128 In order to import a GLN, both City and ISO Country Code are required.
  Web address (URL) URL_URL For a URL to work after import, make sure it begins with the Internet protocol acronym (e.g., https://).

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