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Format Example for the Import of Product Data


For importing product data, you require an import format that is configured with the database table Import Product.

The example below compares the data content of a file from a spreadsheet software (here, e.g., an Excel file before the conversion to a CSV or TXT file) with the import format for product data:

Explanatory Notes to the Example

Some useful notes

Information Example Note
Product Type I I = Item
E = Expense Type
R = Resource
Product Category Search Key • Standard
• 16
Search Key of the product category. Attention: Not the name!
(You can look up the search key under “Product Category” in the menu.)
UOM Code PCE PCE = Each (Piece)
(You can look up the UOM code under “Unit of Measure” in the menu.)
Tax Category Reduzierter Steuersatz 7% (Deutschland) You can look up the tax category under “Tax Category” in the menu.
Price List Version Testpreise Kunden (Deutschland) You can look up the price list version under “Price List” in the menu.

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