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How do I create a new User?


Users are basically contacts that have login permission. That is why you find contacts of your business partners also in the user window. You can allow them to log on to the system or create new users by following this steps.


create a contact

  1. Logon with Role “WebUI”
  2. Open window “User”
  3. Create new record
  4. fillout the fields Firstname and Lastname
  5. enter a Search Key

Make the contact an user

  1. Tick Systemuser to make this contact an actual user
  2. put a login which is the actual user name
  3. enter a password with at least 8 characters

Note: Make sure to make the password at least 8 characters or the new record will not be saved

Note 2: The user can use either the login or the email address as user name.

Note 3: The user name and the password are case sensitive!

assign a role to the user to grant permission

  1. add a record in tab “User Role”
  2. pick the role or roles you want to give the user


this shows a user with role “webUI” and the username “mf”

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