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How do I place manual text on documents?


In metasfresh you can add manual text to your documents and thereby modify them to meet the needs and requirements of your business.

For instance, you can put a description at the top of a quotation and leave a note for your customer at the bottom or you can add a text that describes the ordered product in more detail.

You can record these texts in metasfresh in a number of different ways. Upon document creation, the texts will then be automatically placed in the spaces provided on the document.

The following image of a quotation shows you the modifiable text passages and where to edit them in metasfresh:

Initial Setup Wizard

Click here, if you want to edit these text passages with the initial setup wizard.


Add a product description

Click here, if you want to add a description to the ordered product on the document.

Document type

Add a text at the top and the bottom of a document

Click here, if you want to add a text at the top and bottom of a document.

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