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How do I translate a product?


In metasfresh you can autonomously translate your products’ names into your business partners’ languages. The moment you add a new product, new entries are created under “Product Translation” where you can then edit your translations.

When you change your interface language and create a sales order, for example, you will see the product name appear in the respective language when adding the products.

Or when you print commercial documents for business partners who speak another language, the translated product name will appear on these documents accordingly.

Open the translation entry

a) Via the navigation menu

  1. Open “Product Translation” from the menu.
  2. Use the filter to find the product for which you want to add a translation. There is one entry for each available language (see column Language).

b) Jumping from the product via the sidebar

If you are already looking at the entry of the product you want to translate, you can take the following steps:

  1. Use the product’s related documents to jump into the window “Product Translation” (under “Product Management” in the sidebar).
  2. In the window “Product Translation” you will see all translation entries for the selected product.

Add translations

  1. Open the entry of the language into which you want to translate, e.g. “Deutsch (CH)”.
  2. Replace the existing Name with your translation.
  3. Check the box Translated.
  4. metasfresh saves the progress automatically.


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