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How do I quick create a new business partner?


If in the course of creating a sales order or a purchase order you realize that the relevant business partner does not yet exist in your system, you can very easily quick create them from that same window.


  1. In the field Business Partner (Sales Order) or Delivery from (Purchase Order), enter a part of the unavailable partner’s name. A drop-down list opens up.

  2. Click on the option New Business Partner. An overlay window for the quick creation opens up.
  3. Select a Greeting.
  4. Fill in the fields Firstname and Lastname.
  5. Optional: Fill in the fields Email and Phone.
  6. If the partner is a company, check the box Is Company and also fill in the field Company Name.
  7. Select a Partner Group.
  8. Select the partner’s preferred language for communication.
  9. Click on the “Edit” button to add an Address.
  10. Enter the Address, ZIP code, City and Country of the partner.

    Note: If you choose “United States” as country, you can also enter the Region. Simply close and re-open the address editing window by clicking the edit-button twice and the field will appear above Country.

  11. Click “Done” to save the new business partner, close the overlay window and continue editing your sales order or purchase order.

You will find the newly created business partner entry under “Business Partner” in the menu.


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