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How do I send an email from the system?


In metasfresh, you can send an email directly from the system to any partner you are communicating with (e.g., in sales orders or purchase orders).


  1. Open a document such as a sales order (business partner/customer).
  2. Start the action “Email”. The email editor opens up.

    Note 1: Alternatively, press Alt + K / ⌥ alt + K to open the email editor.

    Note 2: The name of the recipient, if provided, will be filled in automatically.

  3. Compose your own text or select a template from the template field at the top right of the email editor.

    Note: The template field is only displayed if at least one template is defined in the text snippet window.

  4. The referenced document (e.g., the sales order) will be automatically attached to the email. You can add additional documents by clicking on .
  5. Click to send the email.


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