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Add customer-specific translations to system element (AD_Element_Trl)


When a user/client requests to customize an element (field, action, menu item, etc.) with a specific name (translation), there is no need to create a new system element from scratch which would require, among other things, maintaining all necessary dependencies to avoid possible database errors.

Instead you can simply use the existing elements (AD_Element), add the customer-specific name and mark it as the customization to be used, i.e. displayed on the front end.

Important note:
This custom value can be set individually for each client. Unlike the name of the element (AD_Element.Name or AD_Element_Trl.Name), the user-defined translation is unaffected by any migration script updates and, if set, always takes precedence over the element’s name.



  1. Open the system element where you want to add a custom translation.
  2. Click on the subtab Translation.
  3. Tick the checkbox IsUseCustomization (Individuelle Anpassungen verwenden) at the bottom of the window.


  4. In the field Name_Customized (Name Anpassung), enter the translation to be used/displayed for this element.


  5. Click to save.

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