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Provide the result of an SQL as process to the user



This guide was developed in this issue: “Generic Process for SQL -> Excel Export” (metasfresh#4633).

In General

The context variables used in SQL will be resolved in the following order:

  1. Process parameter, e.g., where c_order_id = @C_Order_ID/-1@.
  2. Current selected record’s field, e.g., where <column> in ('@$WEBUI_ViewSelectedIds/0@').
  3. Global context, e.g., @#AD_User_ID@.

Additional Information

1. AD_Column.DefaultValue and AD_Field.DefaultValue

2. The DefaultValue SQL syntax

A default value can be:

General note:
An SQL statement starts with: @sql= <sql statement here>

3. The WEBUI_ViewSelectedIds


How to create and bind processes Fig.: Report & Process (SwingUI) Fig.: Report & Process - Parameter (SwingUI) Fig.: Report & Process - Assigned to tables (SwingUI) Fig.: WebUI Process Rendering (actions menu) Fig.: WebUI Report Overlay Window Fig.: WebUI Report Download Browser Fig.: Report Spreadsheet

How to create and bind processes for selected records Fig.: Report & Process - SQL Statement (SwingUI) Fig.: SQL function part 1 (SwingUI) Fig.: SQL function part 2 (SwingUI)

How to add translations to a process
  1. Open Tools, then Preferences and tick the checkbox called Show Translation Tabs. Fig.: Checkbox 'Show Translation Tabs' (SwingUI)

  2. Then restart the Java Client (SwingUI). Afterwards the tabs will be visible. Fig.: Report Translation Tabs visible (SwingUI)

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