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Copy all elements from an existing window into a new one


In order to provide a customized window, you can simply create a copy of an exisiting (default) public window.

Important note:
Do not alter the public window, because future public updates might destroy it.

Please also ensure to:

This process copies all elements from an existing window into the window you currently have selected.

See also this forum post.


Create a new window

  1. Log on to the Java Swing Client as “System Administrator”.
  2. On the left side under Application Dictionary, click on “Window Management”. A lookup overlay opens up.
  3. Click to create a new empty window.
  4. Right-click into the field System-Element to zoom into the system element window.

Create a new system element

  1. Click to create a new system element.
  2. Enter a Name and a Print Text.
  3. Click to save.
  4. Go back to the new empty window you created earlier.

Copy all elements from existing window

  1. Enter the new System-Element from the previous steps.
  2. Click to save.
  3. Run the process “Copy from other window”. An overlay window opens up.
  4. Pick the Source window you want to copy everything from and click on “Start”.
  1. Create a new menu node for your new window.
  2. Change the zoom to the destination of the table the window is for (e.g. new sales order window needs to be configured on c_order table).
  3. Set permissions so you can see it by using either “role access update” or by adding the window manually to your role.
  4. Optional: You can use “template tabs” to link tabs into the new window instead of duplicating them which solves the problem of maintaining changes coming from metasfresh release in the originating window.

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