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Create default data filters


  1. Open the entry of the table assigned to the window where you want to add a default filter.
  2. Open the tab Default filtering columns.
  3. Select the columns you want to be part of the filter and move them from the left to right pane.

    Select default filtering columns

    In the WebUI this will appear as follows:

    WebUI default filter

    The first date filter in the default columns list will always appear as a separate filter tab.

    Filter by period

    If you add another date field to the filter:

    Add 'Date created' filter

    …this one will appear in the second (default) filter tab.

    'Date created' filter WebUI

  4. You can identify filter columns by their checkbox isSelectionColumn which has to be activated. You will also need to set the FilterOperator.

    Filter columns

    Available options for the FilterOperator are:

    Filter operator options

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