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Create a new menu entry for cloned windows


  1. Clone a window by copying all its elements into a new one.

    New window (copy), 'Overrides Base Window' field

  2. After the cloning was completed, make sure that the field Overrides Base Window contains the name of the copied window.

    New system element (copy)

    Note: Note that the checkbox Override in Menu is not checked!

  3. Make a copy of the original window system element and append _OLD to the new element’s name.
  4. Make sure all translations were copied as well.
  5. Replace the original window system element with the newly created (_OLD) one.
  6. Change the system element from the new window to the element that was used by the original window. Now all the references from the old window are updated to the new one.
  7. The old window still appears in the menu.

    Menu entry of old window


    Menu entry of old window (WebUI)

  8. In the new system element’s entry, tick the checkbox Override in Menu. (See image in step 2 above.)
  9. Check the WebUI menu again and you will see that the menu entry has been replaced with the new window. Clicking on it will take you to the new custom window.

    Menu entry of new window (WebUI)

    Note: The old window is still accessible via the window ID but is no longer displayed in the menu structure.

    Special Note #1:
    In order to see the new menu entries on the front end, all you need to do is a cache reset and reload.
    Special Note #2:
    DO NOT tick the checkbox Override in Menu if you want to keep both entries in the menu structure!
  10. Go to the menu structure and create a new entry for the new window.

    Create a new menu entry

    In the WebUI, both the _OLD and the new windows appear in the menu, while the _OLD one is pointing to the old window and the new one to the new one.

    Old and new windows in WebUI menu

    Special Note #3:
    Because the new window overrides the old one all references and zoom functionality are already in place.

    Sidebar references

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