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Create new columns in database


  1. Create a new system element.

    Create new system element

  2. Translate the system element.

    Note: If the translation tab is not displayed, follow these steps to activate translations in swing.

    Add system element translation

  3. Create table columns based on the AD_element created in step 1. Use the AD_Element_ID input field to find the element.

    Note: The translation of the AD_element will be inherited by the column translation of the same language.

    AD_Element_ID input field

  4. After the column is created, sync it with database using the IsSyncDatabase (Synchronize Column/AD_Column Sync) button.

    Sync with database button (IsSyncDatabase)

    You can also start the sync via .

    Sync with database button (gear icon9)

    Sync with database button (confirm9)

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