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Create a Reference List


  1. Open “Reference” from the menu and create a new reference.


    Reference menu item

  2. Enter the required data for the reference. In the field Validation Type pick List Validation.

    New Reference required data

  3. Open the tab Reference Translation and add the necessary translation.

    Reference translation tab

  4. Open the tab List Validation and enter the values for the list.

    List validation tab

    List validation tab overview

    Note: It currently seems that the value’s name must be in German in order to display it correctly for default language DE.

    Value name must be in German

  5. Open the tab List Translation and add the translation for the list value.

    List translation tab

  6. To use the reference list in a database column, search for the table where you want to use it, open the tab Column and pick the desired column.

    Set column for table

    In the WebUI this will appear as follows:

    Reference list in WebUI

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