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Build metasfresh from command line

This article is about locally building a metasfresh distributable. You will need to jump through a few loops though. We hope to make it easier in future, and of course we would be gratefull for any contributor who is good with maven to come along and improve this.

Install the build system

In order to locally build metasfresh, you need to install maven. Go to https://maven.apache.org/ and get the latest version (currently this is version 3.5.2)

Edit your maven settings.xml file

The dependency tree of metasfresh contains a few artifacts that are not part of the default maven repository. Therefore we recommend that you add our public repository to your maven settings.xml file.

Please take a look here for details.

Build the main part

This section is about building the biggest part of metasfresh.

Once maven is installed, open a command line window, cd into your working copy of the metasfresh-parent repo and run

mvn install

to install the “main” parent pom in your local maven artifact repository.

When this is done, please cd to your working copy of the metasfresh repo.

There, please do

mvn install

This builds the biggest part of metasfresh, but does not yet create the actual distributable.

Build additional components and the actual distributable

At this point we already build most of the metasfresh code, but to get the distributable, we need to build some additional components.

metasfresh webui API

The API service of the metasfresh webui is in the metasfresh-webui repository. To build it, enter the metasfresh-webui folder and run mvn install.

metasfresh procurement webui

The API service of the metasfresh webui is in the metasfresh-procurement-webui repository. To build it, enter the metasfresh-procurement-webui folder and run mvn install.


The maven projects that build the actual distributable is in metasfresh-dist. To create the distributable, enter the metasfresh-dist folder and run mvn install

Now you have the main distributable in metasfresh-dist\de.metas.endcustomer.mf15.dist\target

Congrats! (if you got this far ;-) )


The metasfresh-webui-frontend repo contains the javascript code of our frontend.

In your working copy run npm install first, followed by ./node_modules/webpack/bin/webpack.js --config webpack.prod.js

Copy the content of the dist folder to the root of your webserver. Provide a config.js, containing the paths to your server, in the root of your webserver.

Note: make sure you have a appropriate npm/node version istalled, as the package manager of your OS may be installed an outdated version of npm/node. Check with npm --version and node --version. March 2017 Latest node.js LTS Version: v6.10.1 (includes npm 3.10.10).

More info about the build process may be found in the repository’s Jenkinsfile.

Further reading

There is an issue at github which is about some of the current maven project structure’s shortcomings: metasfresh/metasfresh#1275.

Feel free to weigh in, and we would be happy to check out your pull requests :-).

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