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This article assumes that you more or less followed the “Getting Started” documentation, and ran into problems.

Eclipse doesn’t properly show java packages and classes

Check if you have the java perspective open. In the following screenshot, the Java-EE perspective is open instead:


The buttons are visible on the upper right area of your screenshot. We never used the Java EE perspective, so frankly we can’t even tell you if it makes sense to try and get it to work.

Eclipse shows me thousands of errors and I don’t even know where to start

Allmost every project depends on antoher project. Oftentimes, if one of the “root” projects has a possibly trivial problem, this cascades to thousands of secondary problems in the downstream projects.

So, in order to apropoch this kind of problem, it makes sense to go to the root.

We recoment to first check the following projects:

So how can I make eclipse showing only the current project’s errors?

You can configure eclipse to only show errors from the project that is currently selected.




I Get a warning about Version is duplicate of parent version

You can ignore the warning. eclipse’s maven plugin thinks one should remove the duplication version, but we need it. Details here.

I get an error saying Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

This error indicates that you are trying to run the metasfresh code with a java version that is less than java-8.

To fix it, make sure to run with java-8

I get an error about Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration

It looks like this:


It means that your eclipse instalation is missing a particular m2e component. You can search for it in the eclipse market place (it’s for free) and install it by right-clicking on the problem and following the “Quick-Fix” item.

View source file on GitHub.com