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How do I deactivate the Elasticsearch based KPI dashboard ?

Deactivate the dashboard itself

UPDATE WEBUI_Dashboard SET IsActive='N' where WEBUI_Dashboard_ID=540000;

Deactivate the system’s attempts to update the search index

Make sure that on startup the system does not register model validators that aim at updating the search index

UPDATE AD_SysConfig SET Value='N' WHERE Name='de.metas.elasticsearch.Enabled';

(then restart the stack)

If there are already existing workpackages and you want to make sure that the system does not attempt to process them:

UPDATE C_Queue_WorkPackage SET Processed='Y'
WHERE C_Queue_WorkPackage_ID IN (
    select C_queue_WorkPackage_ID from "de.metas.async".c_queue_overview_v v
    where v.Processed='N'
      and (
          v.ClassName ilike '%AsyncAddToIndexProcessor'
          or v.ClassName ilike '%AsyncRemoveFromIndexProcessor')

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