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How to configure a parts lists with percentual parts (recipe)?


  1. A product called “result” which is meant to be produced exists.
  2. There are two products called “part1” and “part2” from which the product called “result” is meant to be produced.


  1. Open the window “parts lists configuration”.
  2. Add new data.
  3. Produkt auswählen.
  4. Datum für Gültig ab wählen, das in der Vergangenheit liegt.
  5. Save.
  6. Register Stücklistenbestandteile wechseln.
  7. Add new data.
  8. Enter “part1” in Product “teil1”.
  9. Mark the checkbox in Is amount in %.
  10. Enter 40& in the field Amount %.
  11. Save.
  12. Add new data.
  13. Enter “part2” in Product.
  14. Mark the checkbox in Is amount in %.
  15. Enter 60 % in the field Amount %.
  16. Open the process “Verify parts lists” in the menu.
  17. Select the product group of the parts lists product.
  18. Click OK.

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