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How to define a different partner for invoicing purposes


Two partners are needed:


  1. Open the window “Business Partner”
  2. Search for the partner “Ordering company”
  3. Click the cogwheel icon
  4. Click on the process “Geschäftspartnerbeziehung erstellen”
  5. Field Location defines the address of the ordering person for which a different invoicing partner is to be defined.
  6. Field Zugehöriger Geschäftspartner: Insert the business partner “Rechnungsempfänger” to allow him to receive an invoice for the added of the organization from which the invoice is to be issued.
  7. Field Zugehöriger Standort is the address of organization receiving the invoice which is to defined as a different invoicing address.
  8. Mark the field Vorbelegung Rechnung
  9. Click OK

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