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How to set up Jasper Studio environment



Add Jasper Project in Jasper Studio

  1. After downloading the source files, open Jasper Studio.
  2. In the menu bar, click on File and open New Project.
  3. Choose JasperReport Project in the wizard.
  4. Click Next and name it.
  5. Under the tab Project Explorer, right-click the project and choose Build Path > Configure Build Path.
  6. In the Java Build Path window, click on Link Source and Browse.
  7. Locate the source files you downloaded earlier and use the following path to access the metasfresh JasperReport documentation: metasfresh/backend/de.metas.fresh/de.metas.fresh.base/src/main/jasperreports
  8. Then click Apply & Close.
  9. Right-click the project again and select Build Project.

Next Steps

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