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Setup a PDF Printer


enable printing

  1. set sysconfig de.metas.printing.Enabled to Y
  2. restart app server

eventually add to docoutbound config to have printing queue records

Client Archive Setting

  1. Open window “Client”
  2. Make sure the archive settings are NOT set to NOTHING. e.g. Documents

enable hostkey of user

  1. open user window
  2. set checkbox isloginhostkey

By enabling this the system will not use the session ID but the login name of the user as Hostkey which is used to do the matching between the user and the printer settings.

create pdf printer

  1. open window printer
  2. create new pdf printer
  3. output type = PDF

create printer allocation

  1. open java client
  2. login with the user where you want to use the PDF printer
  3. open window “printing allocation”
  4. create new record printer allocation

create printer tray allocation

  1. Go to Window “Printer Tray Allocation”
  2. go to subtab tray and add one record that links the logical tray with the printer tray

configure logical printer

you can go with the existing logical printer

test print

  1. open window printing queue
  2. select a record which is not processed yet
  3. run action “print all”

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