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Setup Vertical Cabling

Technical Setup

Enable the cable/pipes application profile

By enabling the de.metas.vertical.cables spring profile following changes will be applied:

The profile shall be enabled for metasfresh-webui-api service, e.g. add following to your application.properties. In case you are using docker its here: <yourdockerfolder>/webapi/sources/configs/application.properties

just add this to the file:


Alternatively you can set a sysconfig as described here : https://github.com/metasfresh/metasfresh/issues/4601

Functional Setup

Create attribute / label

IMPORTANT: please use the CableLength as value. It is hardcoded in the sales order batch entry.


Define the BOM



Configure the attribute set for our BOM

image image

Configure the product prices



Pricing conditions based on CableLength attribute

HINT: check product price’s Price Limit. If it’s set it will be enforced no matter of what discount you are setting in pricing conditions.


Configure how an attribute will be rendered in description

e.g. @Label@: @Value@ @UOM@

NOTE: if u will leave DescriptionPattern empty, will work as before, i.e. the attribute’s value will be rendered.


which might look like this: image

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