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Retrieve file attachment of a record

PDF for Documents are stored in ad_archive but if a user uploads a file to a record its stored in ad_attachmententry

select ad_wf_node_template_id,e.filename,e.binarydata from AD_WF_Node_Template adwftemp
left join ad_attachment_multiref fileref on fileref.ad_table_id=get_table_id('AD_WF_Node_Template') and fileref.record_id= adwftemp.ad_wf_node_template_id
left JOIN ad_attachmententry e ON e.ad_attachmententry_id = fileref.ad_attachmententry_id

Export Binary Data from AD_Archive to Files

  1. Log into psql on your Linux Server and run:
metasfresh=# COPY (SELECT binarydata from ad_archive limit 1) TO E'/tmp/youroutputfile.zip' (FORMAT binary);
  1. Then apply this on the file to make the zip compatible:
zip -FFv youroutputfile.zip --out fixed.zip
  1. Copy the file fixed.zip to your Computer and unzip it into AdempiereArchive.

  2. Rename AdempiereArchive to AdempiereArchive.PDF

  3. Open AdempiereArchive.PDF using PDF Viewer

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