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C_Dunning (Dunning Candidates, Level, Documents, Print Items)

SELECT Example of dunning docs per partner including print items

    bp.value as partnernumber,
	i.documentno as invoice,
	i.dateinvoiced::date as dateinvoiced,
    dl.name as dunninglevel,
    pq.processed as printed,
    c_bpartner bp
    LEFT JOIN c_dunning_candidate dc ON bp.c_bpartner_id = dc.c_bpartner_id
	LEFT JOIN c_invoice i on dc.record_id=i.c_invoice_id and dc.ad_table_id = 318
    LEFT JOIN c_dunningdoc_line_source dls ON dls.c_dunning_candidate_id = dc.c_dunning_candidate_id
    LEFT JOIN c_dunningdoc_line ddl ON ddl.c_dunningdoc_line_id = dls.c_dunningdoc_line_id
    LEFT JOIN c_dunningdoc dd ON dd.c_dunningdoc_id = ddl.c_dunningdoc_id
    LEFT JOIN c_dunninglevel dl ON dl.c_dunninglevel_id = dd.c_dunninglevel_id
    LEFT JOIN AD_Archive ar ON dd.c_dunningdoc_id = ar.Record_ID AND ar.AD_Table_ID = 540401
    LEFT JOIN C_Printing_Queue pq ON ar.AD_Archive_ID = pq.AD_Archive_ID

        AND dl.name = 'Zahlungserinnerung'
        AND pq.processed = 'N'

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