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Shipment Schedule with Sales Order

select mss.m_shipmentschedule_id,
       co.documentno as sales_order_docno,
       co.poreference as reference,
       case when msr.m_shipmentschedule_id is not null then 'Y' else 'N' end as recompute,  --show when the shipment candidate is currently recomputed
       cbp_col.name as Orderline_Ship_Partner, -- shipment partner of the order line
       cbp_mss.name as Schedule_Ship_Partner ,  --actual shipment partner
       col.c_bpartner_id as col_c_bpartner_id,
       mss.c_bpartner_id as mss_c_bpartner_id,
       col.c_bpartner_location_id as col_c_bpartner_location_id,
       mss.c_bpartner_location_id as mss_c_bpartner_location_id

from m_shipmentschedule mss
         left join c_orderline col on mss.c_orderline_id = col.c_orderline_id
         left join c_order co on col.c_order_id = co.c_order_id
         left join c_bpartner cbp_col on co.dropship_bpartner_id = cbp_col.c_bpartner_id
         left join c_bpartner cbp_mss on mss.c_bpartner_id = cbp_mss.c_bpartner_id
         left join m_shipmentschedule_qtypicked msq on mss.m_shipmentschedule_id = msq.m_shipmentschedule_id
         left join m_shipmentschedule_recompute msr ON msr.m_shipmentschedule_id = mss.m_shipmentschedule_id
         where co.documentno = '<your order documentnno>'


select --distinct bp.name,
  ,sum(ssq.qtytu) as tu
 from M_ShipmentSchedule ss
  join c_bpartner bp on ss.bill_bpartner_id = bp.c_bpartner_id
  join m_shipmentschedule_qtypicked ssq on ss.m_shipmentschedule_id = ssq.m_shipmentschedule_id
  join m_product p on ss.m_product_id = p.m_product_id
  join c_bpartner_location cbl on ss.c_bpartner_location_id = cbl.c_bpartner_location_id
where ss.deliverydate::date = now()::date
and bp.name ilike '%customer%'
  and ss.processed='Y'
group by  cbl.name,p.name
order by cbl.name,p.name

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