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Common Postgres Snippets for metasfresh

Export from Table

copy c_bpartner to '/tmp/ex2.csv' with delimiter E'\t' CSV HEADER;

Export from View

copy (select * from public.rv_your_export_view) to '/tmp/ex2.csv' with delimiter E'\t' CSV HEADER;

Replace Line Breaks from Data

update c_bpartner
set name = replace(name,E'\n','')
where strpos(name,E'\n') > 0

Create Postgres Readonly User

metasfresh uses several schemata. This example grants select on the tables of the main schemata “public”.

   create role <your username> with PASSWORD '<your password>';
   alter role <your username> LOGIN;
   GRANT CONNECT ON DATABASE metasfresh TO <your username>; 
   GRANT USAGE on SCHEMA public to <your username> ;
   GRANT SELECT ON TABLES TO <your username>;

Find Table Name by file name

SELECT pg_filenode_relation(0, 3720450);

source: https://blog.2ndquadrant.com/postgresql-filename-to-table/

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