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Translation Tables (_trl)

SELECT Examples

select DISTINCT ad_element_id, window_name, tab_name, field_name, columnname, ftrl_name from (
    wtrl.name AS window_name,
    ttrl.name AS tab_name,
    f.name    AS field_name,
    ftrl.name as ftrl_name,
    e.name as e_name,
    etrl.name as  etrl_name

  FROM ad_window w
    LEFT JOIN ad_window_trl wtrl ON wtrl.ad_window_id = w.ad_window_id AND wtrl.ad_language = 'en_US'
    JOIN ad_tab t ON t.ad_window_id = w.ad_window_id
    LEFT JOIN ad_tab_trl ttrl ON ttrl.ad_tab_id = t.ad_tab_id AND ttrl.ad_language = 'en_US'
    JOIN ad_field f ON f.ad_tab_id = t.ad_tab_id
    LEFT JOIN ad_field_trl ftrl ON ftrl.ad_field_id = f.ad_field_id AND ftrl.ad_language = 'en_US'
    JOIN ad_column c ON c.ad_column_id = f.ad_column_id
    JOIN ad_element e ON e.ad_element_id = c.ad_element_id
    JOIN ad_element etrl ON etrl.ad_element_id = e.ad_element_id AND ftrl.ad_language = 'en_US'
    JOIN ad_ui_element uie ON uie.ad_field_id = f.ad_field_id

      -- and w.name = 'Geschäftspartner'
        AND f.isactive = 'Y'
        AND (uie.isdisplayedgrid = 'Y' OR uie.isdisplayed = 'Y' OR isadvancedfield = 'Y')
        AND w.isactive = 'Y'
        AND t.isactive = 'Y'
        AND exists
        (SELECT m2.ad_window_id
         FROM ad_treenodemm mm
           JOIN ad_menu M ON mm.node_id = M.ad_menu_id AND mm.parent_id = 1000007
           LEFT JOIN ad_treenodemm mm2 ON mm2.parent_id = mm.node_id
           JOIN ad_menu m2 ON mm2.node_id = m2.ad_menu_id
         WHERE m2.ad_window_id IS NOT NULL
               AND w.ad_window_id = m2.ad_window_id
  -- ORDER BY wtrl.name, ttrl.name
as foo
order by window_name, tab_name, field_name, columnname, ftrl_name

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