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Identify invoice lines whose product has a missing UPC/EAN

Typical error message in the invoice’s EDI-Status:

RuntimeCamelException: de.metas.edi.esb.jaxb.EDICctopInvoic500VType@1a3fad95 must have a UPC

This error message is not really helpful. To find out which of the invoices’ products lack an EAN (or customer product number!), you can do:

SELECT i.POReference, i.Documentno, v.*
FROM edi_cctop_invoic_500_v v
    JOIN C_Invoice i ON i.C_Invoice_ID=v.C_Invoice_ID
WHERE true
    AND i.POReference IN ('your','POReference','values')
    AND (v.UPC IS NULL OR v.VendorProductNo IS NULL)

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