Recover from stale locks and workpackages on invoice candidates

This situation might arise if, e.g.,

The following SQL leans on the view de.metas.async”.c_queue_overview_v to retrieve the C_Invoice_Candidate_IDs and C_Queue_WorkPackage_IDs in question. The important thing is to perform all three steps, no matter how you obtained the respective IDs.

-- note: adapt or drop the WHERE-part with "and IssueSummary='HasChanges'" as required

-- Flag the ICs of the affected workpackages as invalid ("zu Akt.")
INSERT INTO C_Invoice_Candidate_Recompute
FROM "de.metas.async".c_queue_overview_v
WHERE IsError='Y'
  AND Processed='N'  
  AND IssueSummary='HasChanges'
  AND qe_table_name='C_Invoice_Candidate'

-- Delete all Locks of the ICs are referenced by affected workpackages
DELETE --select *
    AND AD_Table_ID=get_table_id('C_Invoice_Candidate')
    AND Record_ID IN (
        select QE_Record_ID from "de.metas.async".c_queue_overview_v
        where IsError='Y'
          AND Processed='N'
          AND IssueSummary='HasChanges')

-- Flag the workpackages as processed.
-- Without this, these old workpackages will interfere with the new ones that your
-- user will want to create for the same invoice candidates
UPDATE C_Queue_WorkPackage
SET Processed='Y'
WHERE C_Queue_WorkPackage_ID IN (
    select C_Queue_WorkPackage_ID from "de.metas.async".c_queue_overview_v where IsError='Y' AND Processed='N' and IssueSummary='HasChanges'

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