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How do I create automatic phone call schedules?


Phone call schedules are created based on the settings of the phone call schema versions. Depending on these settings, e.g., on which days, with what frequency (weekly/monthly) and at which call times can the contact be reached, the phone call schedules are created automatically for the time period selected in the phone call schema.


  1. Add a phone call schema.
  2. Add a phone call schema version for that schema.


  1. Open “Phone Call Schema” from the menu.
  2. From the list view, select the phone call schema you want to use for creating a phone call schedule.
  3. Start the action “Create Phone Call Schedules”. An overlay window opens up.

    Note: You will also find this action in the actions menu in the detailed view of an entry.

  4. Set a Date from and a Date To in order to specify the period for which the schedules shall be created.
  5. Click “Start” to create the schedules and close the overlay window.
  6. Open the entry of the phone call schema and use the related documents to jump into the window “Phone Call Schedule” (under CRM in the sidebar).
  7. In this window you can view the newly created phone call schedule and keep it updated.

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