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How do I specify the time frame conditions of a contract?


In metasfresh, time frame conditions of a contract include the term duration, term of notice, contract renewals, etc. All these conditions can be defined in the window “Contract Period”.


Specify the conditions for the Contract Period

  1. Open “Contract Period” from the menu.
  2. Create a new entry.
  3. Give the contract period a Name.
  4. Pick a Calendar.
  5. Define a Term Duration and a Term Unit, e.g., “1 Year”.
  6. Define a Term of Notice and a Term of Notice Unit, e.g., “1 Month”.

Additional settings (optional)

  1. Define a Subscription Interval and a Subscription Unit, e.g., “2 Weeks”.

    Note: This is the frequency of the shipments of a sales order during the contract period.

  2. In the field Extension Type, pick the way to automatically extend a contract after it expires.
  3. In the field Next Contract Terms, you can select the follow-up contract for the expired one.

Specify the Transition Conditions

The transition conditions determine at what moment before the end or change of a contract the contractual party may perform a status change, such as the termination of the contract.

  1. Go to the record tab “Transition Conditions” at the bottom of the page and click "Add new". An overlay window opens up.
  2. Define a Deadline and a Deadline Unit, e.g., “1 Month”.
  3. Pick the Action Status Change.
  4. Pick the Contract Status Terminated.
  5. Click “Done” to close the overlay window and add the transition conditions to the record tab.

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