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Format example for importing discount schemas


For importing discount schemas, you require an import format that is configured with the database table Discount Schema Import.

The example below compares the data content of a file from a spreadsheet software (here, e.g., an Excel file prior to its conversion to a CSV or TXT file) with the import format for discount schemas:

Explanatory Notes to the Example

Some useful notes

The mandatory fields are essential for a successful data import!

Mandatory Field Field Name Example Note
X Business Partner Value BP_001 Business partner number (unique alphanumeric string)
X Product Value FF_12345 Search Key of the product (alphanumeric string)
  Break Value 100 Minimum amount of a product at which a pricing condition applies.
  Base Pricing System Customer Price List Search Key of the pricing system used as basis for price determination.
  Price Base • Pricing System
• Fixed
Price base may be either the pricing system or an individually specified fixed price.
  Fixed Price 2.99 This information is only required if the Price base is set on Fixed.
  Surcharge on Standard Price 1.49 This information is only required if the Price base is set on Pricing System.
  Break Discount in % 5 Volume discount in percent
  Term of Payment 14 days 2% Payment term for a pricing condition
  Cash Discount in % 5 Cash discount for payment within the period.

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