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How do I set up a printer? (or: How to save PDFs to a server)


In metasfresh, when talking about a printer we primarily refer to virtual printing, i.e. generating PDFs and saving them to a data storage device. This is especially useful if you are using a hosted metasfresh instance that runs on our servers and has no access to your local hardware printers but you still want to be able to physically print out your documents.

The way this works is that your (hosted) metasfresh instance generates the PDFs of your required documents, saves (“prints”) them to dedicated folders which can be configured individually, both for remote and on-premise servers, and then you can take those digital printouts and assign them to your local printers as required to produce hard copies.

Care for a Pro tip? A proven method for automatically processing these incoming documents in a corporate environment is to use server-side applications that continuously monitor the defined “hot folders” and automatically convert incoming files or print them on a specified printer according to predefined rules on a server, workstation, or desktop PC.


Configure outbound documents for the printing queue

In order to automatically forward your documents to the printing queue from where they can then be processed individually or as part of collective print jobs via their assigned printer, make sure to follow theses steps for outbound documents, taking into account the following settings:


Main Setup

  1. Configure a logical printer with optional printer trays.
  2. Configure a PDF printer with optional printer trays.
  3. Allocate logical and physical printers.
  4. Allocate logical and physical printer trays, if any.

Test Print

  1. Open “Printing Queue” from the menu.
  2. Select a printing queue item that has not yet been processed.
  3. Start the action “Print all” (Ger.: Alle drucken).

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