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How do I change the recipient of a subscription?


  1. Open an existing contract.
  2. Start the action “Change Recipient”. A new window opens up.

    Note: If you have selected the contract in the list view, you can also go to the quick actions button at the top right to start the action .

  3. In the field Date choose the time period during which the new contact shall be registered as the recipient.
  4. Enter a Recipient.

    Note 1: Hit SPACE to see all contacts.

    Note 2: Select one of the shown options with the mouse or .

  5. Select a Shipping Address.
  6. Optional: Select a Shipping Partner.
  7. Click “Start” to apply the changes and close the window.

Note: You can check the Ship to Location in the record tab “Subscription Progress” at the bottom of the page of the respective contract.


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