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How do I manage product and partner-specific prices?


In metasfresh, you can use one price list for several business partners. But what if you want to determine individual prices for specific partners? You do not want to create a new price list for each and every one of them, and end up with duplicated data and additional organizational overhead.

In this case, you can simply set up pricing conditions via the discount schema and link them to the business partner concerned.
For this purpose, you can choose between two options:


  1. Follow these instructions for creating a discount schema up to step 9.

a) Determine a fixed price

  1. In the field PriceBase, select Fixed.
  2. Enter a Standard Price that will be taken as fixed price for the product(s) when fulfilling the pricing conditions.

b) Determine a surcharge on a standard price

  1. In the field PriceBase, select Pricing System. A new field Base_PricingSystem_ID appears.
  2. In the field Base_PricingSystem_ID, enter the desired base price system and select it from the suggestions.

    Note 1: Hit SPACE to see all available price systems.

    Note 2: Select one of the shown options with the mouse or .

  3. Enter a Aufschlag auf Standardpreis that will be added to the defined standard price in the base price system when fulfilling the pricing conditions.

Next Steps

  1. Click “Done” to close the overlay window and add the pricing conditions to the list.
  2. Link the discount schema to a business partner.


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