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How do I post a payment against a single invoice?


After receiving a payment, you can enter the amount as an Incoming Payment in metasfresh, whereby the associated invoice will automatically receive the status Paid. To do so, take the following steps:



  1. Open “Payment” from the menu.
  2. Add a new payment entry.
  3. Select the Business Partner.
  4. Select the Document Type Incoming Payment.
  5. Enter the Invoice for which you have received the payment.

    Note: Hit SPACE to see all outstanding invoices of the business partner.

  6. The Payment amount and the Currency are taken over automatically from the invoice, but can also be changed manually if required.
  7. Complete the document.
  8. Jump into the field Invoice to review the invoice status, or alternatively, go to the record tab “Allocations” and zoom into the field in the column Invoice of the allocation line.

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