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How to add columns to an Excel template


  1. Add the respective column in the view ModCntr_Log_Details_Template_Report_V (e.g., column X).
  2. Open the report template from backend\de.metas.fresh\de.metas.fresh.base\src\main\jasperreports\de\metas\reports\modcntrlog.
  3. If the Excel sheet is password protected and preventing you from editing it, unprotect it using the password unlock when prompted.
  4. Add the new column as header in the sheet.
  5. Add a reference ${rez.example} to the respective column under the respective header. In this example it would be ${rez.X}.
  6. Optional: The cell is editable by default. Lock the cell to make it read-only.
  7. Optional: Hide entire columns.
  8. When done editing, protect the sheet again using the same password from step 3.


Fig.: Screenshot of added column in Excel sheet

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