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How do I set up automatic BOM creation upon sales order generation from a quotation?


When creating quotations in metasfresh, you can take individual products that combined with each other make a new sales product, and turn them into quotation groups (generally also referred to as compensation groups). If your customer accepts the offer, you can simply convert the quotation into a sales order and get the shipment of the new product under way.

During the conversion, metasfresh will automatically create a bill of materials consisting of the combined manufacturing parts, immediately making the newly assembled sales product available for future orders without any extra work.

Fig.: BOM creation upon SO generation from quotation


Add grouping product with a parent product category

  1. Add a grouping product that serves to identify products as quotation groups.

    Note: Make sure the grouping product is activated for quotation grouping.

  2. Set a parent product category for the grouping product’s product category.

    Note: The parent product category is required for categorizing the assembled sales product.

  3. Make sure the parent product category has an individual document sequence.

    Note: This sequence is required for sequencing the bill of materials and the associated sales product.

Check for availability of a product planning schema

  1. Open “Product Planning Schema” from the menu.
  2. Open the entry provided there by default.
  3. Make sure the field M_ProductPlanningSchema_Selector is set on Angebotsprodukt Plandaten Schema Selektor (Quotation product planning schema selector).
  4. Don’t make any other changes!

Next Steps


GIF: Create BOM upon SO generation (Setup)

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