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How do I add a grouping product?


A grouping product is a technical auxiliary product used in sales orders and quotations to combine multiple order lines into compensation groups for further joint processing.

During group discounting, for instance, it is applied in the form of a discount product to combine the selected order lines into a group and then apply joint discounts or surcharges.

When creating bills of materials from a quotation, the grouping product helps to identify manufacturing parts as quotation groups so that they can then be combined to give a new sales product with a bill of materials through manual compensation grouping.

A grouping product is basically added like any other normal product too, taking into account the following application-specific configuration:


  1. Open “Product” from the menu.
  2. Add a new product.
  3. Enter a meaningful Name, e.g., “Discount”.
  4. Select an appropriate Product Category, e.g., Grouping product.
  5. Clear the checkbox Stocked.
  6. Add the product to a price list.
Important note!
The grouping product must not be stocked and it must be linked to the very same price list as in the sales order where it shall be used!

Activate grouping product for quotation grouping

  1. Open the advanced edit menu from the actions menu.

    Note: Use shortcut Alt + E / ⌥ alt + E.

  2. Scroll down to the checkbox Ist Angebotsgruppe (Is quotation group) and tick it.

    Hinweis: This way metasfresh knows that the grouped products are a quotation group.

  3. Click “Done” to apply the changes and close the advanced edit menu.
  4. metasfresh saves the progress automatically.

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