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How do I conclude a framework contract?


Framework contracts are used in metasfresh to define the framework conditions for call-off orders. One business partner may have multiple framework contracts in place, but each framework contract can only be concluded for one particular product.


  1. Add a pricing system including a price list (as required for sales and/or purchasing) and a price list version (also see “Define prices”) to be used specifically for managing the prices of the call-off order products (see next step) based on the respective framework contract.
  2. Add a product to be used in the framework contract and call-off order.

    Note: Make sure this call-off order product is linked to both the call-off order price list from step 1 above (needed for the framework contract) and a vendor price list (needed for the call-off orders).

  3. Specify the transition conditions for the framework contract.
  4. Specify the contractual terms of the framework contract.


Follow these instructions for entering a purchase order, taking into account the following settings:

  1. Pick the Target Document Type Frame Order PO.
  2. Pick a Pricing System used for call-off order products.
  3. Go to the record tab “PO Line” at the bottom of the page and add the call-off order product with the desired amount.
  4. Move the horizontal scrollbar of the purchase order line table to the right until you reach the column Contract Terms and pick the desired framework contract terms.


After completing the purchase order:

  1. The framework contract will be generated automatically based on the document type Frame Order PO and can be found under “Call-off order overview” in the menu.
  2. Under “Call-off order overview” in the menu you will be able to review all transactions related to the respective call-off order (e.g., goods receipts/shipments, invoices) in the record tab “Call-off order details” at the bottom of the page.
  3. Under “Contract Period” (window ID 540359) in the menu a new contract entry is created automatically in connection with the framework contract.

Next Steps

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