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Format example for importing postal data


For importing postal data, you require an import format that is configured with the database table Import Postal Data.

The example below compares the data content of a file from a spreadsheet software (here, e.g., an Excel file prior to its conversion to a CSV or TXT file) with the import format for postal data:

Explanatory Notes to the Example

Some useful notes

The mandatory fields are essential for a successful data import!

Mandatory Field Field Name Example Note
  ZIP 34049 Postal code
  City Constantinople Name of the city
X ISO Country Code TR TR = Turkey
Two-letter country code (in acc. with ISO 3166-1 alpha-2).
(You can look up the ISO country code under “Country, Region” in the menu.)
  Region IST IST = Istanbul
(You can look up the acronym (Name) of a region under the record tab “Region” of the respective country entry under “Country, Region” in the menu.)
  Valid from 11.03.330 Date from when the postal data are valid.
  Valid to 01.01.1453 Date until the postal data are valid.

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